Lantern House and Studio

Lantern House and Studio

This scheme in Fulham adds new accommodation – a new bedroom and dining space in the house and an enlarged studio at the end of the garden – as well as reconfiguring and refurbishing the existing. The new work is of London stock brick to match the existing house, with charred Siberian larch cladding and details and fence in white oiled larch.

The house and the studio are brought into an enjoyable relationship by sharing the same materials and forms but with different compositions to suit each circumstance. Raised dormer windows not only bring light into the interiors but also give a sense of the two buildings addressing each other and the garden thus gains a cloister-like feel, whilst also referring back to the windows of the existing house.

Inside the principal staircase from ground to 1st floor is built of oak with balusters which were steam bent by a specialist furniture company.

Key facts

  • Built with charred Siberian larch and second-hand London stock brick
  • Staircase balustrade built using traditional steam bending techniques
  • House and studio have matching materials to make a complete composition
House and studio “talk" to each other across the garden
The oak balustrade was steam bent using traditional boat-building techniques
House and studio use the same materials and forms to bring them together